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Quadrant Financial Services (2012) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Quadrant) in Christchurch, New Zealand are insurance and investment advisers who can assist you with income protection, mortgage repayment, medical and life insurances along with home loans / mortgage, superannuation funds (KiwiSaver), retirement and estate planning and business risk management advice.

Protecting Against Those Major Risks In Life 

At some time in life we are all faced with at least one of life's four major risks: 
  • Inability to work temporarily or permanently due to an accident or sickness
  • Critical illness or trauma
  • Hospitalisation
  • Death
We don't like to think about such things happening to ourselves, our family, or friends, or our businesses, should one of these major risks occur so therefore you need to talk to us. 

Our Services

Insurance might seem complicated and difficult to understand, but it's really very simple. It's all about pooling resources.
Whatever your plans, you'll achieve your goal faster by investing in the right portfolio. 
Health / medical insurance today gives you greater choice and more immediate
attention when you need hospital care or an operation.
Home Loans
We have 6 Reasons to Get Your Business or Home Loans Through Quadrant.
KiwiSaver is a government savings scheme designed to help New Zealanders save for their retirement.

Why Use Quadrant?

  • Use our extensive knowledge of personal and business structures and ownerships to protect both yourself and your business.
  • We will advise you on cover on all aspects of both personal and group life, health and all insurance needs.
  • Provide recommendations tailored to one's personal circumstances.
  • Keeping in touch is important. Our promise is that we will talk to you on a regular basis with at least an annual contact.
  • We have a team that work for Quadrant that have many years of experience and collectively have the expertise to give you the right advice and look after you.
  • We have strategic alliances with many other parties in the financial services market, so if we are unable to assist you we can ensure that you get specialist advice from the team around us.


Quadrant is a member of the SHARE network. SHARE is a network of financial advisers located throughout New Zealand. SHARE advisers have a common brand, systems and processes and market a range of insurance, investments and mortgages to individuals and businesses. 

SHARE is unique amongst the adviser networks in New Zealand in that it is owned equally by it's advisers shareholders, managed by a CEO and governed by an elected Board of advisers. Their combined focus is to provide a client-centric network of professional advisers offering relevant and compliant financial advice to New Zealanders. 
Professional Advisers Association Member
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